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Kaliser & Associates

Kaliser & Associates - Big-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Responsiveness. Prior to working at Kaliser & Associates PC , each of our attorneys worked at prominent law firms. While working with complex and high-pressure cases honed our skills, it also reminded us of why we got into the legal field to begin with: to provide valuable services to real people.

Today, we like to think of ourselves as offering big-firm experience with small-firm pricing and flexibility. Our clients retain all the advantages of small-firm responsiveness and attention to detail. While big firms may see clients as numbers, we see our clients as people facing real legal problems. We understand that while our firm has many cases,to each of our clients, his or her case is the most important one. We pride ourselves on working hard, talking straight, being efficient, respecting our clients' time, and offering fair billing practices.

Lonestar 4 Rent

Lone Star 4 Rent is more than just a property management firm; we are an active part of the Texas communities in which we work. Since 2012, we have provided property management and rental services to residents and investors throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on being available for all clients and tenants.

Longhorn V Investments

Longhorn V Investments, LLC of Dallas, Texas is the source for acquiring, renovating and selling single family, duplex and multi-family dwellings in Texas and Indiana. Whether your investment strategy is to flip or hold as a rental, Longhorn V Investments is your "one stop" shop for buying, rehabbing and selling.

Frankford Investments

Frankford Investments, LLC is a constantly evolving real estate company that specializes in acquiring below market value and distressed properties in order to renovate to exceptional standards and list them for sale or rent. We focus on the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas markets; and we work closely with our partners to maximize the return on investment.


US REOF I LLC is a Texas limited liability company that has been formed to invest in distressed and/or opportunistic single family residential properties for the purposes of rehabbing, leasing, property managing and/or selling those assets. Initially, US REOF will target the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Indianapolis metropolitan areas for the majority of our rental. Secondary markets may be submarkets in Missouri, Tennessee and any other areas that present opportunities that fit within the fund's parameters.